dhs Thorens TD 180

Danger Will Robinson!

The name Thorens, standing as a brand for highest quality in audio-products.
That's how it's been years ago. But there is another side to this story. There are a few turntables out there, wearing the name Thorens, which definitely don't deserve it!
One of those is the TD 180:

Thorens TD 180 - BEWARE!!! When you see this - take the other side of the road!

There is a series of Thorens turntables namely the TD 170, TD 190 (which are still sold over ebay as "brandnew") and the TD 180. These have absolutely nothing in common with those players, that gave the name Thorens that exquisite sound.
They are trash in a cheap frame, built to be thrown away. I know this sounds a little bit harsh, I mean, for sure, you can play a record on them. But NEVER expect them to sound reasonable.
When I find the strength to touch the TD 180 again (which is standing in the attic), I will open it to present you some pics of the inside qualities. Haha.
Maybe I should open it with a sledgehammer...

Don't pay more than 5 Euros for a TD 180 (if you really have to have one)!
And don't think the TD 280 or 290 are much better.

LowTech Headshell with LowEnd pickup...
This is a part of the elaborate tonearm, a super-highest-quality headshell with an unbelievable sensitive, extremely expensive, top-of-the-line pickup. To be true, I can't stand listen to it, because it's so supernatural perfect...

Aah, I'm too exhausted to describe this heap of shit anymore. Sorry.

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